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The National Council of Young Israel has made extensive efforts to put together this unique and fascinating list of speakers.  Speakers that have unique stories to tell and lectures to give that will be memorable to your members.  If your Synagogue is interested in any of these speakers then let us know and we will put you in touch with them.  We know unique speakers help excite existing members and bring in potential new members.  It is an important vehicle to strengthen membership and help a shul grow.  Please review this list and let us know who interests your shul.  


From the unaffordable, high cost of Jewish education, to what makes Israelis tick, to bizarre holiday foods, Robert connects with Jewish audiences at their deepest and most hysterical levels.


Now living and thriving in Los Angeles, Robert has landed roles in countless films, television series and recognizable commercials such as the voice of Duke
the Dog for Bush’s Baked Beans, Boris Badenov for DreamWorks’ “Bullwinkle” cartoons, Norm the Genie for Nickelodeon’s “Fairly Odd Parents”, Colossus from “X-Men” and more.

“Robert Cait is a Master Comedian!”

Rabbi Efraim Mintz, Executive Director, The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Hilarious and Tasteful!!

“Our crowd loved him and he delivered exactly what the evening needed to make it a huge success! His love of Israel and Judaism expressed through his comedy and impressions truly make him one of a kind.”

Lou Rosenberg, Executive Director, JNFJewish National Fund, Greater Los Angeles

The Audience Was Rolling!

“Robert Cait had the audience rolling in laughter from beginning to end! I have a very mixed crowd from Modern Orthodox to Chassidish, and everyone loved it! It was clean, it was fun, and Robert gave my guests a great time!”

Michael Mandel, Pesach Time Tours, Lakewood NJ


“Robert Cait had the entire audience rolling on the floor with laughter! His humor is brilliant, I recommend Robert Cait take the stage at your Jewish day school, synagogue or community center. He is the key to a successful fundraiser
for your organization.”

Tracy Zepp, Associated Hebrew Schools, Parent Teacher Council, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Very Kosher!

“The JLI Retreat had a wonderful, funny, very kosher comedian perform on Motzei Shabbos. He had the audience from the first minute until the end. He does great impersonations as well and was loved by the secular and the frum (always a hard challenge when it comes to humor).”

Rabbi Moshe Bryski, Chabad of the Canejo

His references for clean, hilarious, tasteful, modern Jewish comedy are excellent, and he would like to play as many Young Israel’s as possible and he is willing to give a special Young Israel price.

Mr. Avraham Cohen has a BA in Economics and Business Administration, speaks several languages – including Hebrew, English, French, and Arabic – and served in the Israeli military Signal Corps, as well as Military Intelligence.

Avraham Cohen is the brother of Israeli spy Eli Cohen and lectures around the world, speaking about The Life and Death of Our Man in Damascus. The presentation includes a screening of the documentary “Undercover in Damascus”.

The 1992 film chronicles the Mossad agent’s infiltration of the Syrian government from 1962 until his exposure, capture and execution in 1965. He was so deep undercover that he became chief adviser to the Syrian minister of defense. His efforts are said to have played an important role in Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War.

Mr. Cohen will speak about his family’s experiences and the ongoing efforts to bring his brother’s remains back to Israel. There is no fee for his lectures, he does this solely to honor the memory of his later brother.

Expenses/Honorarium: Travel and accommodation expenses only.

Dr. Daniel Eisenberg is a an Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging at Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine and a practicing radiologist in the Department of Radiology at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia where he was a former member of the hospital ethics committee and currently sits on the IRB.

Dr. Eisenberg is a noted lecturer in the area of Jewish medical ethics, lecturing around the world, including serving as the medical ethics scholar-in-residence for the New England Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem and for the Schlesinger Institute for Medical-Halachic Research. Dr. Eisenberg has published multiple medical ethics articles in both the scholarly and lay press, contributing to both secular and Jewish books and periodicals. His articles and chapters have appeared in Beracha Le’Avraham, The Hadassah Jewish Family Book of Health and Wellness, and Global Viewpoints- Abortion and periodicals and journals (such as Cancer Investigation, Assia-Jewish Medical Ethics, the Jewish Press, The Jewish Observer, and Dr. Eisenberg has also written over 30 Jewish medical ethics articles for

Most recently, Dr. Eisenberg has developed the content for the human subject research web-based instructional module in ethics and professionalism for the American Board of Radiology.

Dr. Eisenberg, a member of the Young Israel of the Main Line, is a seasoned lecturer and scholar­-in-residence, is available for lectures and speaking engagements to synagogues and professional, student, and community groups.

Topics/Themes: Jewish Medical Ethics
Expenses/Honorarium: contact NCYI office

Dr. David Dalin, a widely-published scholar of American Jewish History, has taught Jewish history at several universities. He has also been the Taube Senior Research Fellow in American History at Stanford University, and an Adjunct Scholar at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. During the 2002-2003 academic year, he was a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University’s James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions.

Dr. Dalin received his B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. from Brandeis University.

Dr. Dalin is the author, co-author, or editor of twelve books, including Religion and State in the American Jewish Experience, and The Presidents of the United States and the Jews. He is also the co-author of a book about the Mufti of Jerusalem, Icon of Evil: Hitler’s Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam. This book was published by Random House in June 2008, and was on the San Francisco Chronicle Best Seller list for several weeks. The Introduction to the paperback edition of Icon of Evil was written by Professor Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School.

Dr. Dali n’s newest book, Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court, from Brandeis to Kagan, was published this April by Brandeis University Press. It was the subject of a major book event at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., televised on C-Span, where he was in conversation about his book with Seth Waxman, the former Solicitor General of the United States. In August of 2017, at a special session of the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting in New York City, Dr. Dalin will be in conversation about his book with Nathan Lewin, past president of the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and one of the most prominent Orthodox Jewish attorneys in the United States.

Dr. Dalin’s numerous articles and book reviews have appeared in a variety of publications, including American Jewish History, Commentary, Modern Judaism, the Weekly Standard, the American Jewish Year Book and the Jewish Review of Books. He has also published major articles about Baseball’s Great Jewish Superstars, Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax.

Dr. Dalin has lectured extensively on American Jewish history and politics, Jewish-Christian Relations, Jews and Baseball, contemporary Jewish affairs and, most recently, The Life and Legacy of Rav Shear Yashuv Cohen. He has served as a Scholar-in-Residence at synagogues and Jewish communal institutions throughout the United States.

Rabbi Yedidya Atlas, is a fifth generation American who made aliyah on a one-way ticket to Israel at age 17. A graduate of Yeshivat Mercaz Harav Kook in Jerusalem, he received his rabbinical ordination from former Chief Rabbi of Israel and Rosh Yeshivat Mercaz Harav, Rav Avraham Shapira, zt”l, and from the Beit Din Hagadol in Jerusalem, among others.

Yedidya volunteered to the IDF during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He was with the Golani

Brigade in Lebanon in the 1978 Litani Operation, and served in the Arazim Regional Brigade in

Lebanon during the early 1980’s, and from 1998-2003, he served as Rabbi of the Binyamin

Regional Brigade. He was awarded two commendations as an “Exemplary Officer” by the IDF

Rabbinate, and by the IDF Central Command, respectively. From 2003-2007, he served as

Rabbi of Judea/Samaria Division, and from 2007-2013, he served as Rabbi of the IDF Ground Forces Command, and was then appointed Rabbi of the IDF Central Command. In 2009, he received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the IDF Ground Forces Command for his initiation and developing such projects as “Operation Sifrei Torah”, “Operation Sukkot”, the IDF Mobile Synagogue, the Field Beit Knesset Kit, and the “Magen Yisrael Tehillim-Siddur for Combat Soldiers”, among other projects. In addition to his operational duties, the Chief Rabbi of the IDF appointed him Head of Special Projects for the IDF Chief Rabbinate.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • Leadership, Responsibility and Mesirut Nefesh – Defining Today’s IDF
  • The IDF Rabbinate: How to Make a Jewish Army Jewish
  • Halachic Issues and Ramifications of a Jewish Army
  • Today’s Challenges Faced by Israel and the IDF

Recent Speaking Engagements: Young Israel of Greater Cleveland, Young Israel of Bal Harbor,

Young Israel of San Diego, Young Israel of East Brunswick, Young Israel of Flatbush, Young

Israel of West Hempstead, Young Israel of Hewlett, Young Israel of St. Louis, Cong. Shomrei

Emunah (Baltimore), Bais Medrash Shomrei Mishmeres (Baltimore), Cong. Ner Tamid (Baltimore), Cong. Shomrei Torah (Fair Lawn NJ), Cong. Ohr Torah (Bergenfield NJ), and Bais Medrash of Bergenfield.

Expenses/Honorarium: Travel expenses only.

Retired NYPD First Grade Detective Mordecai Dzikansky became one of the most recognized and valued members of the NYPD for tracking down Torah thieves, murderers and drug dealers, in every corner of New York City. The place where he made his greatest impact, however, was 6,000 miles from New York – in the State of Israel. Dzikansky has significant experience with on-site terror scenes. During the second Intifada, he responded to, and analyzed more than 25 terror bombing scenes in Israel and the region.

In addition to the two books he has authored on the subject – “Terrorist Cop” (his memoir) and “Terrorist Suicide Bombings” (a textbook) – he also teaches terrorism awareness and prevention methodologies to both Homeland Security professionals, as well as community based organizations.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • From Torah to Terror – The Fascinating Story of the NYPD’s First Orthodox Detective
  • Terrorism Awareness and Prevention; Keeping your Community Safe
  • Realistic Analysis of the Terror Threat in the USA and Israel

Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • NYPD Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Bureaus, NY
  • MTA Police Department, NY
  • Major League Baseball Security Officials, San Diego, CA
  • SSI & TSS Homeland Security Conference, Las Vegas, NV
  • Bnai Aviv Synagogue, Weston, FL
  • Young Israel of Greater Miami Beach, FL
  • Rutgers University, Department of Political Science, NJ

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Ambassador (ret.) Ettinger is an insider on US-Israel relations and Mideast politics, a consultant to Knesset Members, Congressmen, Senators and their staff. His weekly articles are published at

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • US Investment In – Not Foreign Aid To – Israel
  • The 400-Year-Old Foundation of the US-Israel Covenant
  • The Palestinian Refugees: Myth and Reality
  • The Impact of the Proposed Palestinian State on US National Security
  • The Precariousness of Israel’s Pre-1967 Waistline
  • In Defiance of US Presidential Pressure – Surging US-Israel Strategic Cooperation
  • The Impact of the Arab Tsunami on US-Israel Strategic Cooperation

Recent Speaking Engagements: Young Israel of Woodmere, B’nai Yeshurun in Teaneck,

Kehilath Jeshurun in Manhattan, Palm Beach Synagogue, Anshei Sphard-Beth El Emeth Synagogue in Memphis, Chabad Jewish Center in Naples, Israel Bonds, as well as churches, civic organizations, etc.

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Col. Gruber is currently Vice-Commander of an armored division of 20,000 soldiers, a position that followed other significant posts of command in the course of more than 30 years serving in the IDF Reserves. This position within the army has given him access and permission to present materials and information that is usually only seen by military or government officials. Gruber also established “Ethics in the Field,” a multimedia presentation and lecture, to shatter myths and present the facts missing in today’s discussion of Israeli counter terrorism. Col. Gruber has spoken at national conferences, community events, military academies, college campuses, and middle and high schools around the world.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • Ethics in the Israeli Military
  • Inclusion of the Special Needs Community in the IDF
  • Leadership and Responsibility

Recent Speaking Engagements: Last speaking tour included West Point, Fifth Ave Synagogue, Flatbush Yeshiva, Federation of Nashville, CJP in Boston and the UJA.

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Lieutenant Colonel in the Israel Defense Forces, Military Intelligence, head of a branch in the 8200 unit. On active duty until 1995. Teaching at Bar-Ilan University since 1994, Departments of Arabic and Middle East Studies. Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation) and Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar-Ilan University.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • The New “Islamic State” – A Challenge to Global Stability  Iran – A Threat to Global Stability.
  • Israel and the Palestinian Issue – Possible Solutions  What is the struggle Over Jerusalem All About?
  • Why do Many Muslims Hate the West?
  • Major Mistakes Made by the Western Coalition in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Recent Speaking Engagements: Young Israel of Potomac MD, Palm Beach Synagogue FL,

Shaare Zedek Synagogue CA, Chabad of Westport CT, Boca Raton Synagogue FL, Riverdale Jewish Center NY, Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst NY, Bnai Yeshurun Teaneck NJ, Palo Alto CA, Cornell University.

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Dr. Michelle Levine is Associate Professor of Bible at Stern College for Women at Yeshiva

University, where she has taught since 2001. She is also a former faculty member of the Stella K. Abraham Yeshiva High School for Girls (SKA). She holds a BA, summa cum laude with honors, from Brooklyn College, an MS in Bible from the Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, and a PhD in medieval biblical exegesis from New York University. Dr. Levine also studied for two years at Michlalah Teacher’s College in Israel, and was awarded the senior class Jewish Studies “professor of the year” in 2011.

Dr. Levine is the author of Nahmanides on Genesis: The Art of Biblical Portraiture, published by Brown University Press (2009), and she has published numerous articles on medieval biblical exegesis in academic journals. She has also delivered papers at academic conferences, in the US and Israel, focusing particularly on Nahmanides’ literary analysis of the Bible.

Dr. Levine lectures widely across the United States and in Israel on various topics of the Bible and biblical commentaries, including Yeshiva University’s Midreshet Yom Rishon. She also gives a popular weekly series on Tanach in Queens, which has been ongoing for sixteen years.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • The Potency of Prayer: Our Matriarch Sarah in Abimelech’s Palace
  • Jacob and Esau: A Tale of Two Brothers
  • Tu Beshvat: The Miracle of Nature
  • The Illuminating Miracle of Chanukah
  • Devorah in the Book of Judges: A Woman Ahead of Her Times
  • Woman of Folly, Woman of Valor: A Feminine Perspective on Sefer Mishlei
  • Redemption, Restoration, and Remembrance in the Book of Ruth

Recent Speaking Engagements: Cong. Mekor Habracha, Center City, PA; Cong. Shaarey

Zedek, Valley Village, CA; Young Israel of Oceanside, NY; Young Israel of Holliswood, NY; West Rogers Park, Chicago, IL; Ma’ayan, Boston, MA; Chicago Institute of Women’s Learning, Skokie, IL.

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Rabbi Mendelevich was born in Riga and started his Jewish activities in the 1960s, when he formed a student group of underground Jewish education. Having been repeatedly refused the right to emigrate, he became one of the leaders of the DymshitsKuznetsov hijacking affair, recounted in his 2012 memoir “Unbroken Spirit”. As punishment, he was imprisoned for eleven years in the Russian Gulag, and was further punished during his imprisonment for his fight to observe mitzvot. In 1981, after a worldwide struggle for this “Prisoner of Zion”, he was released and immigrated to Israel, and is now teaching at Machon Meir Yeshiva.

Rabbi Mendelevitch has become a popular speaker throughout the Jewish world, and has continued to speak out on controversial issues relating to Israel and the former Soviet Union. He has constantly involved himself in political and international affairs, Russia’s support for Arab states, and the ArabIsraeli conflict.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • Looking for Jewish Identity in Russia
  • Clandestine Activities of a Jewish Hijacker
  • Keeping Your Spirit Strong – Arrest, Interrogation & Trial
  • Unbroken Spirit – The Rabbi of the Prisoners
  • Miracles in My Life – Happy Ending

Recent Speaking Engagements: Yeshiva University, Young Israel of Woodmere, Boston

University, Young Israel of Riverdale, UJA of St. Louis, Ramaz High School, Lincoln Square Synagogue, Camp Moshava, Lakewood Mesivtas & Bais Yaakov Schools, Agudah Convention (2014), and Beth Jacob Synagogue in Los Angeles.

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Sasson (Sassy) Reuven was born and raised in Beer Sheva, Israel, and joined the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) at the age 19. In 1973 he served in the Red Beret Paratrooper Brigade unit, where he participated in the famed Raid on Entebbe mission. After receiving his engineering degree in 1984, from Brooklyn Polytechnic, now known as NYU, he traveled to Los Angeles where he served as the director of security for El Al Israel airlines. There he met his wife Susan and settled in Calabasas, California and raised three children. After his family, his greatest joys are sharing his account of freeing the Jewish hostages in Entebbe and operating his construction development company.

Sample Topics/Themes: Raid on Entebbe – My Personal Experience as the Second Soldier on the Ground in Entebbe, Uganda.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

  • Temple Emanu-El, Closter NJ

Rabbi David Seth Kirshner, [email protected] 201.750.9997

  • B’nai Israel Synagogue and the Jewish Temple, Alexandria LA

Shelly Kaplan, [email protected] 318.664.9177

  • Kehilat Keter Torah, Teaneck NJ

Mrs. Gabrielle Altman, [email protected] 201.563.1196

  • Chabad Lubavitch of North Virginia

Rabbi Sholom Deitsch, [email protected] cell: 703.338.9854

  • North East London, UK, Chabad Lubavitch Centers NE London & Essex

Rabbi Aryah Sufrin, [email protected]  Shtermi Sufrfrin : +44 7950 468 843.

  • London, UK, Bushey United Synagogue & District Synagogue

Rabbi Yossi Saunders, [email protected] 00-44-7502 428 556

  • The Rohr Chabad Center for Jewish Life

Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg, [email protected] 519.725.4289

  • Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

Rabbi Hanoch Teller is a globe-trotting modern-day maggid (storyteller of yore) renowned as the King of the Storytellers and the Shakespeare of the Yeshivah World. He has lectured before audiences on five continents, in 40 American States and 24 other countries, delivering a precious and inspiring message that is cherished for a lifetime. His presentations – imbued with joy and drama, laughter and pathos — provide a one-of-a-kind experience for listeners young and old from all across the spectrum. The classes he teaches in numerous Jerusalem educational institutions are in great demand.

Sample Topics/Themes: Mussar (character oriented), Historical, Holocaust, or Biographies of Gedolei


Recent Speaking Engagements: Boca Raton Synagogue, Beth Jacob Beverly Hills, Bayt Toronto, Young

Israel of Woodmere, Young Israel of Beechwood NY, Young Israel of Hollywood FL, Young Israel of

Brookline, Chovevei Tzion Skokie, Young Israel of Houston

Expenses/Honorarium: Contact NCYI office

David Olesker is the founder and director of JCCAT: Jerusalem Center for Communication and Advocacy Training. A former student leader in the UK, David has become one of the world’s top advocacy trainers. He works with students, community activists and the staff of professional Israel advocacy organizations around the world. His clients have included major organizations such as the ADL, as well as grassroots groups. Based in Jerusalem, David Olesker travels often to North America and other countries.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • Nuts and Bolts of Israel advocacy: You have access to all the information you could want about Israel and the region but how do you turn information into advocacy? I’ll show you how.
  • Media Relations: What’s the next step after holding the media to account? Developing a relationship with it so that it becomes your way of getting your message out.
  • Advanced Advocacy Consulting: If you already have a good grasp of advocacy skills, I can consult with you to help you to develop specific strategies and tactics tailored for your community.
  • Many more sessions on request; see my website for details.

Recent Speaking Engagements: Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion Cong, Baltimore MD; Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin, Brooklyn NY; Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto ON; Young Israel of Oak Park MI; Beth El Jacob, Des Moines IA.

Expenses/Honorarium: $1,600 (includes airfare, hotel, etc.)

Shmuel Shields, Ph.D., is a certified nutritionist with more than 25 years of experience as an educator and clinician, and is a popular guest speaker in the Jewish community.  He is also the author of “L’Chaim: 18 Chapters to Live By”, the inspirational Torah-based book on health, which includes a Haskama from HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • Lev Tov: Keeping Your Good Heart Healthy
  • What Would the Rambam Eat at Your Simcha?
  • Whole Foods: A First Step to Holiness
  • Rainbow Nutrition for Your Kosher Kitchen
  • Improving Memory and Cognition through Nutrition
  • Staying Afloat on a Digital Boat: Stress Reduction for the 21st Century
  • Guard Your Health: Integrating the Torah Lifestyle  Transition Tips for Healthier Shabbos and Yom Tov Meals

Recent Speaking Engagements: Chazaq, Agudah Women, Emunah Women, Young Israel of Forest

Hills, Jewish Association for Services for the Aged, Torah Umesorah, Queens Jewish Center, Ateret

Avot, Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, Sephardic Community Center

Expenses/Honorarium: Negotiable


  • Rabbi Yakov Lerner, Young Israel of Great Neck
  • Yaniv Meirov, Chazaq
  • Rabbi Moshe Turk, Jewish Heritage Center
  • Rabbi Stu Verstandig, Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills
  • Rabbi Simcha Hopkovitz, Queens Jewish Center
  • Linda Eber, Sephardic Community Center

Tzvi Fishman is the producer and director of the film, “Stories of Rebbe Nachman.” Born in America, he is a graduate of New York University School of the Arts, where he majored in Film and Television. Shortly afterward, he published his first novel, “Paradise,” for Dell Publishers and wrote the screenplay for a major Hollywood movie, “Law and Disorder,” for Columbia Pictures. For several years, he taught Dramatic and Creative Writing at the New York University Film School.

Feeling an emptiness with life in Hollywood, he set off on a spiritual quest which led him to Judaism and Torah. His journey back to his Jewish roots and to the Land of Israel is a riveting story as exciting as any movie. In Israel, while learning Torah for many years, he has published 15 books, novels and scholarly commentaries on a wide range of Jewish themes, including four popular commentaries on the teachings of Rabbi Kook. He was awarded the Israel Minister of Education Prize for Creativity and Jewish Culture, and has directed and produced a series of docu-dramas on the subject of Medical Ethics and Jewish Law.

In the past year alone, he has screened the movie and spoken in more than 25 communities and schools in Israel. Married with seven children, he lives in Jerusalem. His books are available at Amazon Books.

Presentation: A (one hour) screening of three stories (in English) from my movie “Stories of Rebbe Nachman,” including a talk, “From Hollywood to the Holy Land” – My spiritual journey from my Reform bar mitzvah in a Unitarian church in New England, to the pursuit of the American Dream as a young novelist and screenwriter in New York and Hollywood, to a miracle-filled path to teshuva, religious Zionism, and creative endeavor in the Holy Land.

Expenses/Honorarium: $400 per screening and lecture in Florida and New York. For other locations in the US, travel, hotel, car rental as well.

Link to a recent article about my movie;

Motivated by the sad statistic that two thirds of divorcing couples don’t receive even one hour of counseling, Dr. Alan Singer has been a Marriage Therapist based in New Jersey and Manhattan since 1980. His success rate with saving marriages of couples on the brink of divorce is 80%.

He counsels couples worldwide via Skype, blogs at, is the author of “Creating Your Perfect Family Size” (Wiley) and Married for 39 years, he and his wife are the parents of 4 grown children. His mantra is: I am the last one in the room to give up on your marriage.

Sample Topics/Themes (interactive):

  • Better than Silver and Gold: Reaching Those Marriage Milestones
  • Filling Your Empty Nest: Rediscovering the Meaning in Your Marriage after the Children Have Left
  • Helping Family and Friends Sustain Successful Relationships
  • Debunking Marriage Myths
  • Grand-Parenting: It’s More than Just Presents and Candy
  • Your Adult Child’s Marital Problems: Be Re-Active or Pro-Active?
  • Nurturing Your Marriage and Your Children to Assure Both Will Thrive

Recent Speaking Engagements:

Expenses/Honorarium: $500 for one tristate-area evening (driving distance to central NJ), or $1,000 for 2-3 days away, plus travel expenses (airfare/hotel/rental car).

Eliyon Shemesh is a Jewish Educator, musician and storyteller, with a unique style that is a blend of his experiences growing up on Moshav Moddim (Carlebach Moshav), having the opportunity to perform with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach in concert, and then becoming a student of the esteemed Rav Shlomo Aviner. Eliyon is currently Director of Development for Yeshivat Har Hamor in North America.

Eliyon joined the IDF and served more than two years in the Israeli Army Band before going to

Montreal on shlichut with his family, and founding the Light House for Kollel Torah Mitzion, an Outreach program focusing on university campuses.  Upon returning to Israel, Eliyon was a founding member of a new settlement in the Jerusalem area, Mitzpe Danny, and also helped to build a new neighborhood in East Jerusalem, Nof Zion.

For the past ten years, Eliyon has been teaching at the Machon Meir English language program, and is now a part of a new initiative with the Ministry of Education, teaching about Shabbos through an interactive musical, performing for secular elementary schools throughout Israel. In the past, Eliyon has worked for the Israel agency, through a musical program aimed at strengthening smaller Jewish communities in Africa, Australia, Europe and North America.

Sample Topics/Themes:

  • From Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach to Rav Kook
  • Outreach vs In-Reach
  • Settling Jerusalem; Now and Then
  • Kidney Donation; Going Above Nature
  • The Teachings of Rav Kook


With possibility of a musical Melave Malka included.

Recent Speaking Engagements: Bal Harbor FL, Bnai Yeshurun TeaNeck NJ, Young Israel of Century City CA, Cong Tifereth Beth David, Montreal.

Expenses/Honorarium: Travel expenses only