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Rabbi Zev Leff Weekly Divrie Torah2021-11-08T10:59:09-05:00

World Renowned Rabbi Zev Leff has provided this

short video Dvar Torah for our members.  Rabbi Leff is known for his powerful insights into the Parsha and his illuminating books and lectures.  He started his Rabbinic career as the Rabbi of Young Israel of Greater Miami.  He subsequently made Aliya and he is the Mara D’atra of Moshav Matityahu which is located near Modi’in Illit and he teaches at many places throughout Israel.  We know many of our members have learned from his book on Outlooks and Insights on the Weekly Torah Portion.  We are honored and are thankful that Rabbi Leff took the time to provide our members with his tremendous insights into the Parsha.  You are welcome to share his insights with your friends.
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Parshas Netzavim – 5779 (Audio Only)

Parshas Ki Tavo – 5779 (Audio Only)

Parshas Ki Teitzei – 5779 (Audio Only)

Parshas Re’eh – 5779 (Audio Only)

Parshas Eikev – 5779 (Audio only)

Parshas Veetchanan – 5779 (Audio only)

Parshas Matos-Maasie – 5779

Parshas Pinchas – 5779